Compound 4661

Abrasive polishing paste
  • Part number: SCUC01/1
  • Packing: 1,3 kg
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Compound 4661 is the new high-performance abrasive polishing paste contained specially diluted oils and the best micro-abrasive particles. Polish agent Compound 4661 perfectly suits for new and fresh paints, as well as for refreshment of hardly scratched and oxidized varnish-and-paint surfaces.

Polishing paste is very easy in application owing to its advanced fabrication formula. Compound 4661 not requires addition of water, thus, it saves operating time under polishing and subsequent cleaning. This polish agent contains no silicones. Aggressiveness of the polish agent can be adjusted by changing of polishing buff from rigid to soft.


  • Material does not dry during operation
  • Machine and manual polishing are used
  • Excellent gloss of surface
  • Without silicone and ammonia
  • No water to add
  • Strong polishing characteristics
  • Fast removal of marks and scratches
  • Purity during operation